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  1. Yeah. That is an option I gave them. It is less than they feel is deserved because of the capabilities with Evernote and other file formats/office suites. Thank you for that, though.
  2. I did not know this. I feel it is something I should, though. Thank you. I look forward to passing this on to my clients that use iWork. That is a-okay, friend. I am glad we could enlighten each other a little bit. The website is handy, sometimes. I like it for when I am with a client and have an idea for a client's flyers, publications, etc and my iPhone or iPad has died or is about to. Handy backup for those moments.
  3. You sure you confirmed this? There are, in fact, iWork apps via iCloud.com that work on any platform with a modern browser. They are pretty good, too. Example: iWork Pages is here on icloud.com, just like a Google doc on docs.google.com. It works that way for me, too. But, what my clients are wanting is for the files not to save as .zip like they do when you put a .pages, .numbers, or .keynote file in the Note in Evernote just like if I did a .docx, .pptx, etc with MS Office.
  4. I know a fair bit of people use Google Drive and Google Docs. A lot of my clients who are prospective Evernote users are loving that. What I have gotten asked about a few times now is iCloud Drive integration and full support of .pages, .keynote, and .numbers file formats that Apple's iWork productivity suite uses. I have a few clients that are solitary and swear by those apps. I assume more have to be out there. I know I use Pages on occasion to make flyers and such. So what I am suggesting is support for those Apple iWork file formats in full, like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. If the iWork app is installed on a device then the file opens appropriately (like MS Office formats), but, otherwise, it would open via the web on icloud.com (like Google Docs do). I can not imagine people outside of macOS and iOS using it. But, just in the case that they did is why I suggest the latter. Thank you for your time.
  5. Just set up 2FA and I am now having this issue, as well. Not good because I need to demo this for a client in a few days and their office uses 2FA on pretty much all things. If it helps, I am using an iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.3.2, and Skitch 3.4.1 (4529).
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