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  1. I solved this and forgot to post. The issue was I was using the new version in my in-browser Evernote experience. Once I opted out of that, everything worked again. Crazy. Also: I'm very disappointed to not receive help on this topic. Almost as disappointed as the latest update not including top list view and sort by tag. What the hell?!
  2. I'm 2.5 hours in on this and it is killing me. I've had 3 people trying to help me and none of us can figure it out. Please help me Steps to repeat In the desktop application, pick a note and select "Note => Copy Note Link" Paste that link into your favorite browser Hope that the "Open Evernote.app" dialog pops up But it doesn't so all I can do is log in to Evernote and look at my note there I use Evernote as a reference and I link to pages from outside sources. I never recall this not working! Now that it seems to not be working, I did some more diggin
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