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  1. Hi Have been using Evernote for 5yrs+, without major issues But I now have a major problem on Android (Samsung S8). I have not changed anything to my setup, but 2-3 weeks ago Evernote started acting super weird (note : i un-installed and reinstalled again, and same behavior) When I start Evernote new, I can open a note normally. However after this, if I try opening a note - it does not really load : it shows a blank note with a blank title (thought the information from the i button is correct), and then nothing happnes - at worst it freezes totally - anyway after this I have to crash the app, and start again This is obviously massively cumbersome and makes evernote Android close to un-usable Help please
  2. I second all this, I have the same problem, and I cant believe this can take so long to fix such a simple (but annoying) bug !
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