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  1. my english is bad, school is to long ago 8-) That was what i tested and their was nothing to find.
  2. no, surly not. I search in Evernote in the PDF, the i export the PDF an read in PDF reader and no found...
  3. Hi, my Evernote search finds something that does not exist in the found article. I search "wired" and become a few results. In one of the results i search "wired" than inside an than the search say "not found"... Whats could be the problem? Regards, Jörg
  4. When i merge a note with reminder with a note without reminder the reminder in the "new" note ist lost, i would say it is a bug?! Or is there a reason that it is right? And to where can i sends Bugs like that? Excuse my English, but school time is a long time ago ;-) Regards, Jörg
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