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  1. Hi. Try Notebook by Zoho. The audio quality is good and they listen to their customers. I've been asking for the quality improve and they keep saying "use a dedicated app". I needed too what you're asking for, and as Evernote doesn't want to improve their audio quality IN 2018, there are other options available.
  2. Hi. I was an iPhone user, but now I moved to android. On iPhone I remember an option in the app where you could switch from bad quality to good quality voice notes, which I didn't only find it great, but as using it very often for me was a Premium seller some months I overload my free space quota. Now on Android I find that the audio quality is absolutely crappy, completely non-2017, and I can't find the option to switch it to standard. Am I missing the option somewhere? PS. If not, why wouldn't Evernote want to make android users use more space? I mean, not only on the quality side, but on the marketing side would make no sense...
  3. Every time I try to record an audio with my iPhone app to an old note, the app crashes. It occurs me with EVERY note that's not new. Any solution?
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