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  1. Fair enough; I notice you didn't mention the EverNote 10 PC app. My complaints pretty much all involve the Windows EverNote app. The Android app seems to be still decent, besides the UI changes. I preferred the prior mobile UI, but not a huge issue. Based on your comment I checked out the Web version--I virtually never used the Web version--and it's actually not bad, serviceable when that's all that's available, clearly better than I remember it being. So I'm trying to be fair here, despite my frustrations. The Windows app is where I do my information curation, because it's been the fastest, UI-richest place to work. So the slowness and loss of features and stripped-down Windows UI is a huge issue for me. Reverting back to the 6.25 Legacy EverNote is a big improvement over the current Windows version of 10. Maybe EverNote can improve on the performance and loss of features issues in the Windows version once they have more cross-platform things sorted out. The other huge issue is with EverNote's marketing and responsiveness to customer wishes. Chasing the corporate/business market with a buggy, quirky, unstable product (Not that they'd be the first), while virtually ignoring the wishes of most of their core user base. Partitions, to keep separate roles separate, and multiple levels of folders, on a lot of people's wish lists. So I'm taking a hard look at Nimbus; it has both those things... I'm sure it has its own "special" issues to compensate.
  2. The NEW! IMPROVED! (NOT!!) Evernote 10! Everything Evernote customers have been demanding! Yeah, sarcasm. Evernote went from usable with hiccups, to simply unusably slow with reduced features and massive UI changes in version 10. I'm with the earlier poster who questioned whether adults are in charge at Evernote Inc. Certainly doesn't seem like it! I've given extensive feedback in the past to Evernote about my desire for what Nimbus Note calls "Workspaces" to keep the parts of my life segregated. At the time, I didn't even know that other product called them workspaces, and don't know if it had that feature at the time. Why this feature? I don't want my personal research notes popping up when I do a search at work to show a colleague. I want my work technical stuff to be in its own cordoned-off area. Evernote's answer was "buy more paid Evernote accounts!" Even if that was "sort of" a solution, it was super-awkward in practice. I don't think adults are in charge at Evernote. They've been pushing "Evernote for Business" for a few years, with a product that has a significant initial learning curve, but at least to make up for that, once you master it, it's buggy, unreliable, random crashes, random 15 second waits for no apparent reason, and the list goes on. Pretty much any business colleague or coworker I tried to get to use Evernote would question my sanity. My feedback to Evernote was "first, make your product reliable enough for production use!" And I'm sure I'm not alone... Well Evernote, if you're trying to push your long-term customers to alternative platforms, you're certainly doing an excellent job of it! Congratulations!! Evernote's competitors seem to be doing a better job of listening to Evernote's customers and users than Evernote Corp. itself is. Given the product trajectory, I was looking for Evernote stock to short, but then it became apparent Evernote Corp. never went public. Pushing an UNUSABLE EverNote V10 on us--frankly unbelievable. Call it a beta, whatever, but don't pretend it's a production-level product. Evernote, you've slid further down the slope of becoming an untrustworthy company, and as customers we are still supposed to trust the you with the important information that is the lifeblood of our productivity as people and our career edge as marketable and in-demand knowledge workers? You could get away with that when there wasn't much competition. Now it seems there is legit competition, younger models, without the baggage of rigid inflexibility, and actually willing and capable of listening.
  3. My dyslexic girlfriend sat down to write some of her life stories. She was using Word. I suggested she use Evernote, as that way she couldn't lose her writing. Then she asked if Grammarly worked in Evernote. I came here and it seems the answer is NO, no Grammarly in Evernote. Grammarly is a writing game-changer for dyslexic people. Please add support for it to work in Evernote. Perhaps Grammarly will work in the web version of Evernote, as others suggest in this thread.
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