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  1. This has needed fixing for a couple of years! I have removed and re-installed several times, but it still doesn't work. The App should at least give some feedback about the log process. What a waste of everyone's time! ... and there are other problems on Android, such as not being able to share to Evernote properly. I have a feeling nobody from Evernote actually reads these forums.
  2. My experience with the latest versions of Evernote 10.18 on Android has been a disaster. Notebooks are never available offline, even if ticked as offline in settings. Evernote is no longer able to manage tags properly. The only way to see the correct number of tags is to use a search shortcut, such "tag:French", even then the list of notes may be incomplete. Sending text from other apps to Evernote is broken - text and images are not always saved properly. Also choosing notebook and tags is extremely clunky and unfriendly. The whole app is slow and awkward to use. Yes, I have already tried reinstalling it completely and deleting the app cache, etc. I'm now looking for an alternative to an app that I had been using quite happily for about 10 years.
  3. Yes, and I would also like to see a way to left or right swipe a note on my phone to go next or previous one. As you rightly say, it's very clunky to go from one note to another, and it seems that there is the same problem on every platform where I have used Evernote (Windows, Web version, Android, Linux... )
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