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  1. Perhaps I was not clear: IF you are viewing any PDF document in an iOS browser (in this example displayed, and in browser CHROME) - AND - if the user chooses to save to Evernote (as done for any Web page displayed in browser) - Then Evernote dialogue appears, with the active rotating circle ... saving, saving, saving saving.... forever saving - it simply hangs in a perpetual saving loop. Try it... navigate to an online PDF displayed within the browser and try to save (iOS)... A failure of interface/function. David Toronto Paying user since 2012
  2. This is a tricky one: Currently the only email address used to send copies/forward notes from Evernote (Desktop version) is the registered email (billing address). NOW using : 1) A business registered billing email address; IE: myaccount@mycompany.com (billing and account usage) REQUEST: 2) An optional separate and distinct registered email used for sending/receiving emails; IE: myaccount@gmail.com Note: Billing address information need not be the same as my operating information (think payment online via credit card with separate billing info VS delivery/contact info). Any
  3. Endless save loop ... "post" adding tags and subsequently "saving" ... only way to stop this is to close app, in order to exit from the evernote save dialogue box - subsequent re-opening of browser app shows an abend occurred : "did not close" properly do you wish to restore?" dialogue in the browser... This is not new - has been so for the past several years?!:( If by default the Evernote app is not configured to save a PDF in browser- please create; dialogue box indicating so... and/or offer to create link to the PDF, or, save as an attachment in an Ev
  4. Update: Following up to this - from a practical perspective with a collection of over 75K plus notes in catalogue - please consider that this does not really work using a manual approach... ... Unless of course I do nothing but Evernote dedupe for this next 2000 hours... Cheers! Still not satisfied, David
  5. As a member for more than 6 years - I have often wished for an effective duplicate note(s) search /display function. Sometimes when clipping web pages, duplicates are created - and/or imported files into Evernote are duplicates (without any notification of this in advance of importing)... Regardless of the reasons for the duplicates; it seems amazing that this feature is not available - at least an highlighting and presentation of the duplicates notes for subsequent "manual" cleanup... Not a trivial exercise for me to manage without a duplicate search function given there are o
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