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  1. Resolved the issue after going through Reddit threads. My cursor lag in Evernote was probably caused by my updating to the latest Nvidia drivers. I rolled back to version 378.92 dated March 10, 2017 and response is back to normal (will need to test a little more).
  2. Running the latest GA version. Just installed Win10 Creator's Update and find that when typing notes into Evernote, there is now a perceptible lag/jerkiness when the characters are displayed onscreen. Never happened before the Windows update. Wonder if I am the only one. Update: I have regained control over the lag by unchecking "Enable instant sync" and "Enable on demand sync". Almost back to normal now. Also is it my imagination but when have both boxes checked, some time to time, there would be a window opening and closing in an instant. Very disconcerting. Let's see if it happens with boxes unchecked.
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