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  1. @gazumped I'm still able to search through at least a subset of email when disconnected from the Internet so there must be at least some level of client-side indexing.
  2. To put it equally succinctly, why is it that so many other applications have figured this problem out but Evernote seems to struggle with it?
  3. This doesn't make sense - from a memory perspective, why is storing 10 notebooks worth of notes in 2 accounts appreciably different than storing 10 shared notebooks in 1 account? And how does this create an additional security risk? If your app is secure, then two datasets in your app should continue to be secure, yes?
  4. If you are a fiduciary, attorney, or something similar, co-mingling accounts through notebook sharing is probably a nonstarter. This seems like an obvious miss for Evernote.
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