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  1. A good question gazumped. I suppose this illustrates that we use Evernote in quite different ways. I would find this useful for two reasons: (1) I am one of those people who can on occasion generate a lot of notes--as many as 50 or 100--in a day's time. So if there's a note I wish to have immediate and regular access to, it is handy to have it available via a shortcut, especially when I am working on devices other than my PC; (2) I sometimes write a project note, outlining information that I need access to for some days or weeks, which again means that a shortcut provides valuable access. The commonality between those two reasons is that a shortcut is more durable than finding it at the top of a "by creation date" list.
  2. I am continually frustrated by having to exit a note, especially a new one that I have just created, to be able to add it to the list of shortcuts. For a new note, this procedure currently requires the following steps: Going to the list of "All Notes" Arranging that list, if need by, by reverse order of creation Go to the top of that list to find the new note you've just created Right-click on the note Select "Add to Shortcuts" For an existing note, the process is more involved because you have to search for the note before adding it to shortcuts. All this would be nicely solved by having "Add to Shortcuts" in one of the drop-down menus (probably the "Note" one) that is accessible from the note itself. Thank you for considering adding this very helpful feature.
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