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  1. >>This is a known issue we're working to address. I'll provide an update here once I have more information. Hope you get this resolved soon. Sharing encrypted notes for passwords and stuff among devices is one of my most used features. It is why I pay for Evernote. Also, in version 10, it takes too many clicks or keystrokes to open encrypted notes or close them again. I rarely want to permanently decrypt notes, so why make me specify that choice every time I want to open an encrypted note? That makes the whole process much too cumbersome. In addition to fixing the bug with editing encrypted notes, make opening and closing them simpler again.
  2. I have encrypted quite a few individual notes. I use them for saving serial numbers, passwords, customer passwords, personal information, and so on. An earlier respondent mentioned that you can only encrypt text within a note. So I encrypt ALL the text within the note. That accomplishes the same thing as encrypting the note itself. Hope that helps. ...pt
  3. I just submitted Ticket# 2076879 with a sample file, Johnathan. I will watch for replies on that ticket. Thanks for the prompt response. ...pt
  4. Just installed version 6.11 for Mac. Now the line spacing (leading) in my encrypted notes has changed. Instead of single spaced, the lines now look double spaced. The line spacing in non-encrypted notes seems to be unchanged. Any ideas?
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