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  1. You can navigate to the note list by keyboard command or even better via a gesture. The note list would still be there, you could have the option to hide and unhide. I wish I could show you how it works on Things, but I couldn't find a video showing this feature.
  2. I would like the ability to focus on a specific note instead of opening a new window. So in that regard it would increase productivity and create a better workflow.
  3. One of my favorite features of Things 3 is the ability to hide the sidebar using the trackpad to swipe. This feature would allow you to focus on the note area. I realize there is a keyboard shortcut to hide the sidebar, but it would also be nice to hide the list view as well.
  4. Allow me to clarify the problem. Here is my current process: 1. Open an Evernote note. 2. Copy the note link (Control + Option + Command + C) 3. Paste the note link into the current note (Command + V) 4. Copy the note link from the current note. (Highlight note link + Command + C) 5. Paste the note link into an Excel cell (Command + V) The Evernote note link shows in Excel. I have to manually edit the hyperlink in Excel. 1. Command + K 2. "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box opens. 3. There are two boxes: 1. Text to display (shows the note link name) 2. Address. 4. The following address is visible "evernote://view/........" 5. I have to manually add an extra backslash "evernote:///view/........" after the first two for the link to open the link in a new window. These links work perfectly fine in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Calc. They used to work in Excel a while back.
  5. Evernote hyperlinks that I paste into Excel are not formatting correctly. In the past I used to be able to click on an Evernote hyperlink within Excel and the linked note would open. Now only the Evernote app opens. The problem is confined to Excel as I am trying other programs and everything works correctly. The beginning of an Evernote hyperlink should have three backslashes: evernote:///view/....... For some reason only two backslashes are being copied into Excel and thus the links aren't working correctly: evernote://view/.......
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