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  1. Thanks Sprague for this recommendation. I have to say, after the iOS 8.0 release and these latest changes, I'm really concerned about the future of this platform. At one time, it seemed that Evernote worked seamlessly, but the past few months it has been a constant fight with the application and services. It is unfortunate because the application became a critical part of my day-to-day work.
  2. I have looked at quiver previously, but for what I use Evernote primarily for is to manage lecture notes I use in courses, and it is handy to have code snippets in the same note. This is why I have been considering switching to Bear with the ability to include code blocks. However, I would like to stick with Evernote if at all possible. I like the features and for the most part the interface. But if sticking around means running into these issues more often, then to me it is not worth 60+ a year as a premium user. Along with the recent Mac update, the major iOS update was concerning and did not seem be QAed.
  3. Great thanks Johnathan. Code blocks do remove the background color, but given the choice, I would rather have the indentation be "right" than the syntax highlighting. Ideally, both would be great. Is it accurate to say then that code blocks will be supported long term so that I have a method of preserving the indentation?
  4. When I restore the previous version, that appears in the note history browser with the correct formatting, the formatting of it changes on import so that the indentation and line wrapping is like the current version. The note attachments are too big to upload here but I did upload different examples to a support ticket which is ticket #2071068. What is more important to me though is if you could answer question #1 and question #2? Question #2 was cut off when I posted the comment. In question #2, I was wondering if the code block feature which is available in the Mac App Store app (by entering three backticks, ```) and available via direct download (by checking to support code blocks in the preferences menu), will these code blocks be supported in the future since they are somewhat hidden? Also, will they eventually have syntax highlighting? This is the determining factor for me if I should switch to another solution. I am currently a premium subscriber and I teach Computer Science courses, where ensuring that at a minimum the format of the code I put into a note is preserved and not modified.
  5. I attached two screenshots. One screenshot shows the note in its current state. The other show's what the notes formatting used to be by looking at the history of the note. In my case, color is preserved, but the line breaks are not. The two questions I have are: 1) Will the next build fix this issue? I did open a support ticket and they did say that the development team is now aware of the issue. However, if the fix will not be available for a long period, I will need to fine an alternative solution that will preserve the formatting (Bear or Apple Notes does this) 2) With the code block that is available in the App Store version by typing in three back ticks (```) or through
  6. I have a similar issue to everyone else with the formatting of code and syntax in my notes. Any new code copy and pasted into notes do not have the same formatting, However what is worse is that existing notes lost their formatting. @Johnathan Hebertwill the syntax issue be fixed in the next release? This doesn't just affect new notes but also existing ones that I did not modify since the update.
  7. I have this same issue, is this getting resolved?
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