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  1. @Cheche Did You try what turbobal wrote above? This is the only workable solution/help I know. But until now I couldn't do it because my PC-"expert" wasn't at my home yet. Good luck -Cruller-
  2. What is the "Sticky Note executable ..."? English - German translations can sometimes cause errors.
  3. ... sounds good. Will do this with my PC-"Expert". I'm not good with registry, zipping and so on. And thanks a lot.
  4. It's the same Google Translator. Only add the internet address into the left translation box and click on the link in the right box and it translates the whole page.
  5. Because I'm german I use the Google Translator also for this forum. When I activate it, it translate but it shows on every post a translation of the Pinterest share-function so I can't read the post. But look at the Screenshot. Do you know how I can read the posts without this "Translations of the Pinterest share-function"? I googled it, but I can find nothing. Maybe someone here knows? Thanks for Your help and please excuse my writing errors and so on.
  6. I'm from Germany. Please excuse my writingerrors. I have the same Error-411-problem with Sticky Notes and the activation of my Evernote account. I get in contact with Evernote-facebook, they are sorry, because they can do nothing?! The error 411 ist an Error of Sticky Notes?! I thought that an Evernote-Server sends the activation link for my Evernote account. Or is it an Sticky Notes Server? I only want to understand and also it seems that Sticky Notes and the site: http://stickynotes.edo-soft.com/ does not exist anymore. So, by the way, there is also no support to get in contact?! Are You sure that it is an Sticky Notes Server which sends the activation link for an Evernote account? Because I get an activation link for (from?) google drive. Without the error 411. I can also synchronize Sticky Notes with my Google Drive account. When it is an Sticky Notes Server error, why it make trouble with the Evernote account and not with the Google Drive account. Because of this i think that it is an Error of the Evernote-Server. Am I right? If not, why?
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