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  1. I got again the same problem today with one of my entries (screenshot attached). It becomes to be really annoying and I can't find the trigger point for this Please let us know what will be the response
  2. I'm using web version actually (via Firefox 54.0.1 on Windows 7). Now checked on iPhone 6s, duplicating entries are there as well The internet access is solid
  3. It's already a 2nd major issue I'm getting with Evernote within last month. So, for some reason, the note I've been working on duplicated >20 times, and basically contains the history of the changes I've made to it. Some other notes, have the same issue as well. I don't remember doing anything differently this time. Did anyone had such behavious, and how can it be fixed?
  4. So, I've went to Evernote app on iPhone, searched and found for a note which I wanted to forward to my work email. I typed it in, but it didn't allow me sending it for some reason, the send button was grey. Then I typed my personal email and sent there instead. That's basically it. When the button was greyed out i repeatedly tried to send, and maybe that was some kind of a trigger, I'm not sure So I haven't done nothing extraordinary
  5. I've tried sending a note with couple of pictures to myself, but evernote, instead sent to a number of recepients (about 20-30) from my contact list. I definitely didn't choose anyone from that list to share this information with. And I just didn't have time to do that. That was quite embarrassing experience and up until now I don't understand 1) how this happened 2) what is the logic how evernote chose whom to send the note to. If you could help me clarify that would be great. Otherwise I'm just afraid to use evernote further more. Also, if someone from that list wouldn't have told me th
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