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  1. This is really helpful! Thank you! A few follow up questions: When I do command-*****-4, I can finally drag the file into my note. I still can't use the Evernote helper to drag screenshots into an existing note. It just saves as a new note (I can't seem to copy/paste or drag). Any advice on this? I also have Skitch which I love but I can't seem to copy/paste or drag the image to a new note. It saves automatically as a new note and then has a lock box in the corner and says I can't edit the screenshot in Evernote because I used Skitch. How are you able to make it work?
  2. Can anyone tell me how to copy/paste or drag a screenshot into an existing note???!!! I have spent many hours trying to figure this out and nothing seems to work. I have the Basic version of Evernote, use a Mac and have tried Chrome and Safari browsers. I downloaded Skitch and Evernote Web Clipper. Nothing seems to allow me to copy/paste or drag a screenshot into an existing note. Everything saves as a new note and then I'm not able to copy/paste or drag into the note I am working on. This seems like a basic functionality so I'd like to understand what I'm missing. I have scoured all of the forums. I have searched for a phone number to call for customer service. I have tried to use the chat feature which appears to always be "offline." Can someone please help?? Thank you!!
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