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  1. You can do so much more with evernote. You can build a complete CRM and that is what we did. Yet, the problem ist that you write text and text about one issue and this section of your note gets longer and longer. Jumping to the next section of the note is difficult. How awesome would it be to put the long text block into one table THAT I CAN SCROLL UP AND DOWN, so I can skip the table easily when scolling the note OR I can dive deeper into the cal protocol. I already can scroll LEFT to RIGHT, so UP and DOWN must be possible too. Do you also wish for it?
  2. After installing 6.11 on my MAC: 70% OF ALL NOTES can't be displayed any more. This is horrible for my daily usage. I made a standard template for my notes: it must contain a combination of tables, pictures and .docx files that cause the problem. THE NOTE IS THERE BUT CAN'T BE OPEN. Can you have a look into this or please!!!!! let me reinstall 6.0 Evernote. Otherwise I simply cannot use it anymore... Thanks for responses & ideas!
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