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  1. This feature request is valid for much more uses than recipes. Here's a list of where I have trouble because it doesn't re-open at the exact same location: - Compiling a list out of the internet, e.g. possible fashion, furniture, plants to buy. Each time I want to paste a new item after some more searching, I have to call up the note/position again. - Using a todo list on evernote, in my case gardening chores. Each time I've finished one chore and come back to check the next, I have to search for the note again... - Using a packing list for a destination I go regularly, e.g. for skiing or the beach. Again, each minute you come back to check the next thing on the list, you have to search for the note again... Anything used as a reference several times, requiring switching in and out of the app, proves the same problem. As far as I recall, in an older version re-visiting Evernote did lead you back to the exact place you were on before. This may be very helpful indeed. Better still: make it time dependent: any return to the app within less than say 5 min. points you to the same cursor location, after 5 min it points you to the start screen.
  2. I'm also having this problem, from about March 2017, only on iOS. E. G. I open search, it freezes for about 8-9 secs until I can type my search. Then sometimes it says no results, although I have typed the title of a note. New note: it freezes for 6 seconds.
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