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  1. the new Safari 14.0 allows users to view privacy reports. I now see that Evernote... for some reason includes Facebook.com and .net tracking. Is this part of Evernote? I do not share anything with Facebook for various reasons, and now I see that Evernote 'might' have a link or tracking service with them. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  2. I came here looking for business card import FROM Evernote TO Contacts (something that I'm certain was there previously). In the past I've scanned BC's and had the option to import to Contacts. Apparently you need to give Evernote access to your contacts through Privacy: Settings>Privacy>Contacts>[Click Evernote ON] Then, in Evernote: Account>Settings>Camera>Business Cards>Save to Contact [Click ON] Now, when you scan a BC, it will go into the Evernote folder AND your Contacts. It would seem that an increase in App Privacy (an issue that is paramount IMHO) makes these steps necessary. The sad part is that apparently, you can NOT push 'already scanned cards' to Contacts. This basically means that once you've set up the [above] process, you'll need to rescan all the cards that have NOT made it to your contacts. I just scanned two new cards, set up the privacy [above] and had to rescan the cards to get them into Contacts. I then had duplicates in the 'Business Card' folder IN Evernote, and simply deleted the dups. Hope this helps.
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