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  1. Hello, i was an iphone user and when i was still using an iphone, the note app on ios hade the feature of locking notes individually rather than locking the whole app. I am sure most of the people are familiar with this feature. But now i switched to android and obviously evernote is the best cross platform notes app but this missing "locking notes individually" feature has really dissapointed me. I know there is an option for encrypting some of the content inside a note but it's not exactly what i want. I want to lock the whole note not just a part of it. I hear you say "then encrypt everything inside of the note". It doesn't work like that. As you know, the encryption only works on plain text. I have a note 10.1 tablet and i was writing a handwritten journal on evernote and when i try to encrypt my journal, i found out handwritings are not encryptable. We all have delicate information in our note apps and evernote should have the feature of locking notes individually on all platforms like it's alternatives like colornote (was using that but syncing feature is just horrible) and ios notes. The colornotes syncing was indeed horrible but at least they figured out how to implement the feature i mentioned on both android and their windows client. Evernote dev team can check that app out and understand exactly the feature i am talking about.
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