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  1. I agree. In addition, I wasn't able to view the last page of my list. I have my notebooks in stacks. Alphabetical doesn't make sense to me.
  2. To give this a case study, though maybe not specifically markdown: Any idea how long it takes me to set up headers? Far more than it needs to be. I should be able, rather than setting a size, bold, italics, etc., that will not be consistent across all my notes, unless I remember every little detail. I should be able to pull down from a list and choose, Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. Simple.
  3. At least allowing us to add it to the toolbar or a drop down to access them.
  4. Still works for me even today. Should be added to the regular edit bar. Heck it's even here in the forum post editor!
  5. 1. Default Business card notebook 2. Sign Out of LinkedIn I've also submitted a ticket to support and waiting to hear back. Like I said, I'm able to see the information populated from LinkedIn, but the option to "Connect on LinkedIn" is no longer available.
  6. I used to be able to connect with a contact on LinkedIn after scanning a business card. Now, that option is no longer available, even though the information gets populated from LinkedIn. Now I have to duplicate the work and add them on LinkedIn as well, which can cause duplicate contacts in my contact management system. What happened to this wonderful feature?
  7. I was able to create a classic link to my note and click on it in the full Evernote on my desktop app. Clicking on it just navigated to the note for which the link was created. It didn't open it in its own window, but went directly to where I wanted to go. Now I just have to go back and create classic links for all the links I just created. I just wish there was a way (other than creating scripts) to create classic links by default.
  8. Would have been even better if I could add the actual Delete button on my keyboard rather than a combination, but at least it works for now. This has been around for ages and is available on the Windows version.
  9. The one problem with annotate in this scenario had to do with the limitations of annotate not being able to do one simple thing: highlight. I had to download the file to mark it up with highlights, then save it answer share it back to Evernote... as a new note. Even reattaching it seems silly and arduous. Please add highlight to annotations...
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