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  1. Hi, there! Microsoft is aware of this bug and the KB4016635 was delivered to solve this issue. I just solved my problem with Evernote and another application that were not updating following some steps I describe below. You can follow the steps at your own risk. I take no responsibility if one of them harms your system. But, let's go. 1. First of all, close the Windows Store application, open your browser and go to https://aka.ms/wudiag (it will automatically download a file named latestwu.diagcab), which stands for "Windows Update Troubleshooter". 2. Locate the folder where it was saved and run it with Administrator privileges. Follow all the steps. 3. Open Windows Store and try to update Evernote. 4. If it fails, open your browser once more and go to "Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 update history" on https://support.microsoft.com/pt-br/help/4000825/windows-10-windows-server-2016-update-history 5. As you may have noticed, at the left of the page, there is a list with all updates (usually) installed automatically on your system through Windows Update. Click on the 1st link below "Windows 10 Version 1607 and Windows Server 2016". Until april, 5th 2017, this should be the link for KB4016635. It will open the description for the KB updating package. 6. Go to the section "How to get this update" and click on the link named "Microsoft Update Catalog". It will redirect you to the update package needed to correct your system. At that page you'll see three links on a list and if your system is 64-bits, click on the link which reads "x64" right before the KB number. Your browser will (again!) open a new window, asking for your permission to download the file. 7. After finishing downloading it (this may take a while, depending on your internet connection), run it. It will take some minutes for completion and at the end, will ask you to restart the system. Do it. 8. After restarting, go to Windows Store and try to update Evernote. These steps worked for me. Have good luck!
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