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  1. I just tried to download and install evernote again. The latest version at playstre is 4.6 but it wont download, Phone just says Authenication Required. So I selected version 4.1 instead. I says it installed, but it wont execute. When I look at it's file, it says version it says 2.5 Mb used and Version 0.9. How can I have Ver 0.9 if I tried to download 4.1 ??? But it wont run either.
  2. Re storage space: for my 8 GB of internal storage my phone reports 3.5 GB (that's 3 point 5) used for Android OS. Of the remaining 4.48 GB it says only .88 GB is available. That's because 2.7 GB is used for Apps, .4 GB for pictures, .386 for audio, .154 for downloads, .161 for cached data and .5 for misc. My SD card is 8 GB and 7.2 GB is unused. If it wont use the SD card for the app, then I guess I'm too short on storage..
  3. I have powered the the phone off and back on to see if that changed anything.. Didn't seem to change anything. My wifi in my motorhome, however, is only getting about 7 Mbps download speed, so perhaps thats the problem (e.g. too large of a file to download timely).
  4. Nothing seems to download properly from Google Play. I was thinking it was because those version(s) of Evernote weren't compatable with my phone or Op System. Any idea on how to get a good download?.
  5. I have an older Motorolla Droid Razor smart phone running Android V 4.42 Op System. Is there a version of Evernote that will run on this phone? jtjayne jjayne@rcn.com
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