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  1. One more thing - I have written several messages to technical support asking for assistance in finding features that have vanished - I have not received a single reply - so much for Premium service
  2. I have invested heavily in Evernote as my go to curation software. I am absolutely appalled at how the latest version dumbs Evernote down, including: ability to copy more than one file at a time from one folder to another when you copy single files the cursor stays in the target folder not the source the software regularly fails to copy more than one file at a time ability to create a table of contents for a folder ability to publish folders for users to access the program has slowed down markedly elimination of fonts and formatting capability and this i
  3. It is COMPLETELY unacceptable that Evernote would make such a decision without providing some warning to its clients. I have spent several years curating multiple (more than 50) public folders that I share with my clients and students - literally tens of thousands of people - having to invite them one at a time is just not practical - I acknowledge that security issues are a concern, but surely there is a way to resolve those issues without discontinuing publicly shared folders. I have spent a great deal of time promoting the power and simplicity of Evernote to anyone who will listen - apparen
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