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  1. Yep, I have tried rebooting both Mac and windows and also tried clearing history and cache
  2. I believe I am using the beta version but I could use the ctrl shortcuts before. It just randomly started happening recently that I could not using the ctrl shortcuts.
  3. Update Ctrl U does not work Ctrl X, C and V all work
  4. Update I have tried using a mac as well (using chrome) and the ctrl shortcuts don't work either.
  5. I'm using windows and chrome but when I am writing my notes on evernote web, I cant use Ctrl z, ctrl b and Ctrl i. I'm sure there are other shortcuts that dont work, but those are the ones I regularly use. However, when I use ctrl backspace, it works. Anyone know why these shortcuts aren't working?
  6. how would you do this? most text editors give you an option to edit the font within the text editor but when i export back to evernote, some notes are still not the one I want it to be
  7. so when i change the default font for my notes, it doesnt change all of them, only the majority but in saying that, I dont want to go through hundreds of notes trying to find out which ones have not been changed and manually changing them. Is there a way around this? and if there is, even if it requires coding or something I'd happily do it if there were detailed instructions, since I'm really picky about my formatting
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