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  1. GrimRob, this doesn't answer your question - but can you tell me how you installed Evernote on your kindle fire? I have v 7.5.1. Went to Amazon to download the app and saw this message in grey text: "currently unavailable" Did you download it somewhere else? If so, where? Thanks and sorry to bigfoot your question.
  2. Excuse me for budding / butting in but how do I make a local notebook? Yes, I understand that it goes against the awesomeness that is EN but like others in various threads, there are many client notes that should never be synched anywhere. And I make regular backups to all of my files on my computer. That's not the issue. I create a new notebook and my options are either Private or Shared. But both get synced. WHERE OH WHERE do I make or assign a notebook to be local? Thanks.
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