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  1. It's incorrect saying that I have it on more than 2 devices. I think it's because I recently had to reinstall Windows twice. But, I don't even think that I reinstalled Evernote on the first reinstall of Windows so I am surprised. Once I open the desktop software, Evernote does not let me do anything-- only option is to upgrade my subscription plan.
  2. Thanks for your help so far. Hmm.. I am just on a home network and I haven't really changed any router settings except for very basic/ required stuff. Also, I am able to log into the Evernote site and view a lot (maybe even all) of my Evernote data. But, maybe the server for the download is a different domain? I also don't have any special security software running, except for what Windows has built in. So, I was thinking that maybe it's windows firewall? But, I wouldn't think that the firewall would block it because Evernote is even in the Microsoft windows store. I also d
  3. Thanks. I am still getting the same error message. Also, I think that maybe a month before I stopped using Evernote, I changed the setting so that Evernote doesn't put all of the data in the cloud. I don't know if that affects anything.
  4. I haven't used Evernote in about 2 months. When I opened it just now, it says< "Evernote v 6.7.5" "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." I'm not sure what to do here. I noticed that there are additional versions of the software available beyond 6.7.5. Perhaps the version that my computer wants to update to is old, thus causing the problems?
  5. A lot of the notes that I need to post into Evernote look like this(attached). Once I have pasted this into evernote, I can't figure out how to continue with writing some notes underneath that which doesn't have the shadded box formatting. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. I have a note in which I pasted 2 text boxes (see attachment). Now I am unable to type any text below the second text box. Evernote will only let me type in the area between the 2 text boxes.
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