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  1. Well I guess I was using the term sub-notebook when referencing a stack. That's unfortunate that you can't share stacks. Thanks for the info. -Gabe
  2. Hi, I am relatively new to Evernote. I am working with one client. I am managing the notes for her but allowing her to add new and edit. The other day I rearranged a number of them, adding new and putting others into sub-notebooks. I was surprised to see she did not see many of these changes. I had to physically share these notes with her and then go on her screen and organize them as I had done. After thinking about it, that kind of made sense as to why it worked this way. However, I need to have it set up that whatever she and I do inside this "collaboration" can be automatically seen by the other. We purchased Evernote strictly for this project. Is there a way to accomplish this outside of us using the same login parameters? Thanks, -Gabe
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