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  1. The best (and saddest) solution is to rollback to a previous version of evernote, before version 10 happened. You can find versions on the web. Then you need to configure Google play to not update automatically evernote. You will be stuck with the old version, but at least you can take handwritten notes easily.
  2. Thanks for sharing the link, rolling back to 8.13 is indeed the best solution at this stage, too many features missing in 10.0
  3. Sorry if it is not a bug but a feature, but in the new version I do not find a with to scroll from one page to another for handwritten notes. The only way I found is to use 3 fingers with the other hand and to try to move the sketch. But half of the time I am drawing involountary, and the other half of the time I mess up with the zoom. What was wrong with the scrolling functionality ? Is that intended ? I just want to take handwritten notes on several pages, nothing fancy. Life used to be so simple...
  4. As many of you, I made the move from a galaxy note to a surface. I have been utterly disappointed by the lack of proper handwritten notes on windows compared to the android version. I cancelled my premium account and moved to one note. Good bye, we once shared the same priorities!
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