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  1. Because I want to use it for its advertised purpose. It's in the name: that "NOTE" bit. Why do 10 things half ass when you can do your core function at 100% + ? Sorry, I work in SW and this is kind of a #1 rule for experienced successful developers. Boiling the ocean and going for a data sheet check boxes recipe for ***** software. Get the note taking part right, then you might get my business for other things. This is a subscription model and we're funding ongoing development -- that's my expectation. If I just paid $10 for a simple app, then yeah, I could accept this. But sorry, EN is getting that much per month and not delivery constant evolution, it's breaking new ground before the foundation is finished. Basically a Titanic situation. Crossing iceberg waters driving a barely pond-worthy vessel.
  2. OK, maybe I'm behind the checkboxes, but I use Dropbox to store a lot more than notes. Things I've already created or collected, in a wide range of formats, including audio, video, other document formats, and then also share it out. And notes in other formats. Has EN become a total storage solution now? They haven't got the notes right yet, so would concern me that they can't stay focused enough because they're off expanding the kingdom. Evernote's intent is to CREATE, EDIT and then store/access the notes.
  3. The intended approach, as suggested earlier in this thread and others, was to create a blank "template" on Mac, and then enter data on iOS. Basically fill the table out on iPad as ideas came through (this is a writing tool and I do brainstorming using the iPad in mobile situations). This obviously doesn't work. I have hundreds of notes in EN - would be good to know whether Evernote is going to focus on this now, or if I should just jump ship. This is basically a make or break feature for me now. iTunes/App store is a bottomless abyss, though I will leave another criticism there (subtract another star if there are any left).
  4. I use Dropbox for straight storage, and it works great for that. EN is my note-taking solution, not a storage solution. Granted it does some random storage things like email and web clipping that Dropbox doesn't address, but it's forte is supposed to be note-taking. I'm all for the simplicity approach and anti-feature bloat. But we know this is possible. iOS is a good example of measured feature evolution (and maybe it's gone too far). Tables are a basic function to organized structured note information, and I find this a huge massive limitation. My notes are getting more sophisticated but Evernote's not able to follow. Look at the two examples attached.
  5. Table frustration continues. So I followed the compromise suggestion to set up a template table on the desktop app (even though that's lame) and then opened my table template note (there actually aren't true templates in EN, that's a good idea:-). But alas when I opened the preformatted note in iOS it totally lost the column widths and is TOTALLY UNUSABLE. TOTALLY UNUSABLE.
  6. Mmmm, filing service. You mean like Dropbox? Or iCloud. Or Drive. So you're right. I can kill my EN service and just switch to one of the MANY note apps that synchs on Dropbox or even iCloud. How FOOLISH of me to presume EverNOTE is a NOTE service. What was I thinking? What gave me THAT idea? Silly me! EN has a leading position here, but as noted the competion has upped the game. Last thing I want to do is resort to Office, though OneNote is looking pretty good. Especially some of the random "usability" changes that seem like changes for the sake of changes. The only thing keeping me in really is hundreds of notes in EN. But a migration is not that hard.
  7. Tables are sort of a default expectation in 2017 if you're going to be a grown up writing or note app. Though I love the simplicity and available everywhere capability, limitations like these are making it tougher to stick with the premium subsription. Lots of options to just use note apps+dropbox or icloud these days so I hope you guys get some of these rudimentary things worked out soon. We're close to giving up for anything but personal jots, which can be done on the free app. Kind of funny that this web text editor (that I'm typing in now on your help page) is better than the Evernote ios app. In fact the latest updates have done nothing but move things around for no rational reason. What is wrong with a basic tool bar like this one? Like the one that used to be in ios EN? Change for the sake of change is not necessary unless you're changing the UX or improving the product. Which IMO you did not do.
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