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  1. The frustrating part is that this functionality has already been developed by Evernote themselves and was working fine in their previous iteration of Clearly. If they don't want to implement this functionality into Web Clipper so be it but then bring back Clearly. I'm still using Clearly precisely for that functionality and it still works fine. I will not commit to Web Clipper until this functionality is implemented. It is the NUMBER 1 reason why I am hanging onto Clearly.
  2. This is THE NUMBER 1 reason why I cannot fully commit to Evernote Web Clipper. The "excuse" that it would be hard or can't be done is quite simply untrue. This functionality was implemented in the previous iteration of Web Clipper - Clearly which I am still using precisely for that reason. Clearly was developed by Evernote so they already know how to do it so I don't understand why they refuse to bring it back. I will glady move to Web Clipper once this functionality is implemented.
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