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  1. I would love for Evernote to respond to this as well. I have 3 Premium accounts and am pretty good at Web Clipping and modifying the clip after Evernote doesn't save everything the way I want. It would be totally awesome for web clipper and Evernote to just get better at capture regions of the content and processing from there. Is it possible that Evernote can pre-process on the device, send it to the cloud, finish processing, maybe doing some more complicated parsing routines and then making it available once rendered? It would be amazing if Evernote added more benefit to clipping than just storage.
  2. I would like to hear back from Evernote themselves on this idea. I could care less who owns the page, or how its constructed because I know software can at a minimum figure out the borders of such content and take a screenshot, manipulate as needed and post into the Evernote capture stream. Then easily enough make the URL available as an embedded link and maybe even capture enough metadata to paste with the image. We are talking archive and functional use. I would appreciate some action take to capture both Twitter, Facebook and other content, even if its "hard". Just figure out the best possible way, including a psuedo screen shot and go from there. Thanks.
  3. I hope to re-open this one, same thing started to happen today. My Firefox and Safari Web Clipper 6.13.2 will not clup Youtube clips if the comments load. It seems strange across browsers, so it must be something Youtube did...not sure. What I get is a "clip" which is blank, and at the time of clipping the screen looks all white (i.e. blank).
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