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  1. I have had this problem for a while now. I switched back to the classic editor. Team Evernote, I LOVE the new home screen and all; but this glitch has been going on for a while now. Any hope to eliminate it?
  2. I got it to work to drag-and-drop and reorder tags! In short, first, CLICK the left-menu item that shows the tag icon and says 'Tags'. That pops out a drawer menu for tags specifically. You can drag-and-drop from that menu specifically! Video included. Worked both on the latest desktop app (version 10.5.7) AND web app (version 10.5.6). Dragging and ordering tags from this screen: no Dragging and ordering tags from this screen: yes!! zoom_0.mp4
  3. Same problem. I also use the Getting Things Done method. Tag structure (and moving tags) was the ONLY reason I stayed with Evernote through the bumpy years. If this goes I am gone.
  4. #sadness. Thanks for the tip on Table of Content! I may use that next!
  5. I cannot find the Presentation Mode on the web app. Can anyone help? I am a Premium member and work mostly from my Chromebook on sales appointments and such.
  6. This feature could happen by simply assigning through the Reminder functionality. OR, it is something that could be implemented with a tag (or even, more specifically, a tag that is started with "@") Once of the major reasons I still use Google Keep is the ability to do location-based tagging. It is VERY convenient to remember things based on where I am going next. It helps when I forget to check my tagging
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