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  1. I recently upgrading to Plus from Basic because I needed to use more than two devices. I have no need to use any of the functionality that Premium offers, which is why I chose Plus.

    When I had Evernote Basic, I never was asked to upgrade. I'd have the "Go Premium" call to action in my left sidebar, and I was okay with that because it didn't distract me.

    Now that I've upgraded from Basic to Plus, Evernote keeps displaying an obtrusive banner telling me to "Complete my upgrade to Premium". See attached screenshot.

    It's come up multiple times while writing and it's breaks my focus, which is no bueno.

    Yes, it may be a small thing – but as a now paying customer it would be fantastic to stop being pestered with "Hey, thanks for giving us money yesterday. Want to give us more money today?"

    Anyone other Evernote customers out their have thoughts on this experience?

    Screenshot 2017-03-30 21.18.33.png

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