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  1. Hi everyone, I'm struggling a bit with the Evernote OCR search on Windows 10. I scan a lot of notes from University into the system and wish to use the search to find key points etc. My main issue is I can't cycle through the returned results from a search. As you can imagine (or have been there yourself) a subject about finance is going to have the word formula mentioned quite repeatedly on multiple pages. But for some reason, if I search for formula it just gives me every note with that in it, and I'm unable to cycle through the results to find what I'm after. The worst part is control+F search in note doesn't search handwriting, only typed text. Does anyone know of a workaround for this or if I'm just searching incorrectly? At the moment to search my notes, im forced to email them to myself in Gmail and wait for Google to OCR it then search my inbox, not the best way, especially with all my other notes already in Evernote. Thanks for any advice
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