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  1. Hi. I read your comments (on Workflowy & MS-Word) earlier in the thread, and don't see this as valid alternatives. Whats important to point out here is that this is not a 'feature' it's a REGRESSION in the product feature set I also wanted to confirm that this wasn't just a render issue in the browser but appeared across Evernote clients Hopefully, we'll see a solution or workaround soon
  2. I have this problem I think this is another issue related to the Web Client n Google Chrome You'll find that opening the note in the Windows Client show the same loss of indents
  3. Nothing needs to happen to them. ENML is a markup language, so what's being store is essentially text. Backend storage and processing does NOT need to change What you get using TinyMCE (or any embedded platform-independent editor) is a consistency across platforms at the GUI (Web, Windows or MAC). I use Windows and Web clients, and I'm now LOSING functionality and getting an inconsistent user experience By extending ENML to support HTML (created by TinyMCE) you also get a migration path as existing client would still work P.S when you next reply to this thread, bear in mind y
  4. Rather than maintain an in-house editor for Notes, incorporate the TinyMCE ( https://www.tinymce.com/) editor into the Evernote Web Client TinyMCE is a fully featured, embedded HTML editor, that could provide all the edit feature typically available in many web-based application and provide a more consistent and feature-rich editing environment across all supported platforms ENML may need to be extended to allow support for the additional feature of HTML5, or conversely the editor could be "cut back" to only support the elements currently available in ENML
  5. Is there a version history (or changelog) somewhere for Evernote Web? There also seem to have been changes to supported HTML when cut-n-pasted into a note
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