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  1. I hope the almighty AI solves this one day :D. Getting tired of formatting things manually, because I feel it should't take insane effort to write an algorithm that provides some reasonable formatting. I'm not talking about some piece of art, just bold here and there, some spaces, etc Anyway, thanks for the answer.
  2. I'm an obsessive note taker. Most of my notes are taken by cherry picking bits and pieces from websites (blogs/articles/etc) + adding my own comments to that information. Which results in a big wall of text, which is pretty unreadable. I'd like to be able to format my notes quicker. Most optimal solution I can imagine would be something (another app/service/plugin/extension/whatever) that would automatically format that text like: this looks like a code, let's add format as code block this line has an empty line before that, could be heading, let's format it like h1 Does s
  3. Thanks, you both are making good points. And yeah, TP full access to personal notes sounds scary.
  4. I'm thinking about creating Evernote Web Text Editor alternative by using Evernote API, and I wanted to ask community if somebody would find this useful and probably use themselves? Here's what I think => I'm using Evernote WEB version a lot and I'm really frustrated with Text Editor. I do a lot of copy/paste from websites and format that text further, and I really find Evernote Text Editor lacking some important features that could improve my experience and allow for faster text editing. Here's what I'm thinking: Tabbed interface inside WebApp, instead of opening e
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