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  1. Hi DTLow, Thank you for responding, I’m not using a server so that hope of Note History is out. I still have 60 MB of space for March. I see no append to the main note. There is a note from yesterday in Trash on this main note that had changes lost this morning. I think the ridiculously slow WiFi I am working with right now has something to do with this note. I was getting a lot of “Cannot Sync.” Also I renamed this note last night or early this morning before making these new changes. Probably a combination of the slow WiFi, note renaming, and not checking for good sync prior
  2. Hi Evernote, I made a lot of changes in iOS Evernote and the original Mac Evernote file overwrote all my work. That was enough wasted time to drop my faith in Evernote. Syncing should recognize the most recently updated note first. I am working with poor WiFi bandwidth. Would that be a factor? Both Evernote apps are up to date. I Evernote and have had few issues over the years so this is disturbing. Can I recover the prior note version? Looking is Trash isn’t the solution. Thanks, Grant
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