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  1. On iPad, the system line and Evernote design mixed. It doesn't look good.
  2. On support menu, send the support request, there is gray border which covers the screen. I think it should be removed.
  3. I unchecked to show notes on a widget. But on the widget, there is a message that I can see the notes which I recently read. I think if I unchecked to show notes on a widget, it should be removed this message too. And I hope there an option to switch the simple view and more view. I only want to see buttons, not notes or that message.
  4. I set a password for Evernote app. But when I start Evernote app, it shows notes once and then blocked. I think if someone set a password, the password window should come first. I want you guys to fix this problem. I sent report several times, but it is not solved yet.
  5. I decided too hastily. Right after add image, it looks fine. Buf after I edit that note, it happens again. Still, if notes end with plain text, it's fine. But if notes end with images, bulleted or numbered texts, Evernote add a line automatically.
  6. Thank you for your reply, nicolml. But I saw this function from your guide movie clip(https://youtu.be/BGayK_hTkj8, 1:33). In this clip, the previous version can restore tags. I think most people, including me, want to use this function literally for entire restoring. Tags definitely should be there. I hope you guys bring this function back.
  7. The issue with remaining selected area on Evernote note contents is solved.
  8. When I adjust Evernote window size, note contents automatically move to where the cursor exist.
  9. There is an issue with changing font style on the Korean language. I can't change bold or italic font to normal font using a keyboard shortcut only. Because if cursor still blinks, no matter what I change font style, it reverses to the bold or italic font if I start typing.
  10. When I imported note from note history, the tags are missing.
  11. When I add a tag, if it starts English or number, Evernote recommend similar tags that start with that character or word. But if I want to add a tag by the Korean language, recommendation function doesn't work well.
  12. Right after editing an image by "Annotate this Image...", I can't change notebook by clicking the left top notebook name. For change notebook, I should click show information, title or contents and re-try.
  13. The problem that the note adds a line under the last line of contents is solved.
  14. I already checked it. And if I didn't check it, the new version wouldn't be changed.
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