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  1. I already checked it. And if I didn't check it, the new version wouldn't be changed.
  2. Good to know, thank you!
  3. Yes, it looks beautiful! Will it be fixed in next version?
  4. Here it is. 내 노트.enex
  5. Same issue here. For fix this situation, I try to import note from note history, but it shows the same reaction. I can see the preview, but there is no content.
  6. I want to know this is an official opinion of Evernote.
  7. Yes, I said that for developer could feel bad about what I said. Because English is not my mother language so my expression could be rude for them without my intention. I don't feel you concerned about my emotional issue. Because your previous message is quite offensive to me.
  8. This is a very very eccentric question. It doesn't make any sense, talk to someone go back to the previous version if someone has a problem with the current version. It's not a solution. First of all, I didn't notice the change before I install. Do you know every change before installing the new version? There are many unknown intentional changes and many unintentional bugs. And this is not the beta version issue. I think most of the people accept the concept that newest version would be better than previous version, not only function but also security or stability. So, I choose to upgrade. All I want to say is the developer should concern about the user before change some function.
  9. Before start this, it could be emotional, so I am sorry about that. I have a big concern about the "intentional changes" of Evernote. There are many note apps, and there are certain reasons which make us choose Evernote. Recently, I experience a lot of changes on Evernote. Yes, sometimes change is good for innovation and necessary for improvement. But, some changes are making me sad and upset. For example, I found that every note adds an additional line under contents, and you guys explain because this is for full-width pictures or tables. I think this caused by a mobile version which lack of arrow keys. Okay, but it happened every note, and it changed now to every picture, table, bulleted and numbered content except plain text contents. I understand why you guys did this, but still, I really want to remove the last line when it doesn't have full-width picture or table. Another thing. I used to add multiple notes to Evernote by drag files and modify each note by poped-up windows when I drag files. I loved this function. But you guys "intentionally" changed this. Why? Why you guys change some functions without consideration about the user who might love them? Of course, I can change each note by searching or view notes in date sequence. But it needs more steps. It would be better you guys add a function like if someone drags with certain command, Evernote pop-up every note, and if without certain command, just add on notebooks. Yes, change is good. But before change it, you guys must consider the user who still uses and loves that function. At least you can do a poll before changing it, or make an option to choose. Once upon a time, Evernote was my best and only note app. But now, maybe. If this keep happened? I don't know
  10. Okay, first of all, English is not my mother language so sorry about lack expression. On navigation menu, you can drag notes and make the shortcut for easy access. I recently changed these shortcuts on 6.11(Desktop), and I updated this morning 6.10 to 6.11(Laptop). The shortcuts of my laptop cover all other desktop or iOS machine.
  11. In my common sense, every data should sync by time order. I mean, newly modified data should be the latest data. Am I right? I experience exactly opposite syncing system on Evernote. I updated Evernote on my Desktop right after 6.11 GA released, and today, I update Evernote on my laptop. During this time term, I didn't use my laptop, so there are some changes. Well, surprisingly, the shortcuts of notes are synced based on old data. Now, I can't trust about note data. How does this happen? So, I checked my iPhone, and exactly same thing happens. It's really amazing.
  12. When did you update Evernote? Now they offer official version 6.11. If you recently update, maybe it is not a beta version.
  13. 1. Select area on Evernote note contents 2. Check another app. 3. Come back to Evernote. 4. The partial of selected area remains until scrolling. Test.mp4
  14. When I adjust Evernote window size, note contents automatically move to where the cursor exist. I think no matter where the cursor is, notes should stay during adjustment.
  15. Yes. If you type the Korean language, you cannot go back normal font from bold or italic font by cmd+b or cmd+i. Because Evernote automatically goes back to bold or italic font while you are typing.