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  1. Upvote! This is also happening to me, and also only with Evernote. I've been frustrated with Evernote's printing for a long time. The latest update had so much great stuff, I'm bummed that they didn't address this as part of it.
  2. Hi there, not sure if this is the right place to report a bug, but I'd like to get the info back the developers to reproduce. With some tables pasted from websites (not all), the columns can't be resized and the column headings won't match the columns if the table is resized. I'm on: MacOS Sierra v10.12.4 Evernote app v6.13.1 I attached an image showing the issue, you can see the column edge doesn't line up with the selector, and it can't be dragged from either place. Here's an example, you can probably reproduce fairly easily, just copy and paste this table into a note. https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/htmlsingle/#appendix-dependency-versions This is a giant page, and actually most of the tables do paste and resize just fine, so I thought this would be a good page to use to debug. If this is the wrong place, please feel free to repost for me or direct me elsewhere. Thanks!
  3. Evernote - you had a very modest request from a famous user four years ago, a long series of other users requesting the same feature, yet still nothing? What does it take for users' requests to get prioritized? Every thread I find like this just ends in frustration.
  4. Thank you! Done. It's funny because when you go to do that, it tells you to come here. But I went ahead and emailed anyway.
  5. I use Evernote at home and work, and have for several years. I could swear that the formatting issues have gotten worse lately. Again and again, I run into issues where I cannot control how many blank lines appear between lines of text, even if I post as plain text, if there is some formatting already existing within the document. At times, I have had to copy all of the text into SublimeText or another plain text editor, then start all over with a blank note, just to keep giant empty blocks from appearing all over my document. Using "simplify formatting" often doesn't work, or if it does, applies to the whole document instead of a selection (and annoyingly, picks up whatever formatting was at the top of the block, so I end up with an entire note in bold, for example. "Make plain text" has the same issue - since I can't apply it to a selection, if I have any images in the document, I have to go back to the source to collect those all again. These are just a few of the issues I've noticed. Do you have any advice, or is this being looked at as an important upcoming improvement? I have recommended your product for a long time, but it's becoming harder to do so with these formatting issues. The whole point of using Evernote is that it's a quick way to capture notes. I'm on Sierra 10.12.3, running Evernote 6.10. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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