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  1. It's ridiculous because Mac windows and ios do this. So some of my notes have proper titles but most are just untitled notes
  2. Just downgraded myself guys. It's not a difficult process and I'm not missing anything from the new updates. I can see how someone might though, doubtful however, because they barely got accustomed to the new version when they noticed this issue. SO, I am back on 7.5.2, text looks crisp again and all is well I'm surprised I did it of all people because I got quite used to the ragged text surprisingly. It wasn't too bad of an eyesore. But boy I'm glad I do it because it is surprisingly sharper. Best of luck! Procedure again is to backup ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.evernote as we
  3. Downgrade to 7.5. that's the best bet. Requires you to move / delete the database and rebuild it through 7.5 however.
  4. Definitely need to question our reliance. What if one day the servers just go boom and nothing exists anymore? Hypothetical only but still - like you said, it's our primary brain repository. Me I write music, so if it were all to disappear....I'd just be toast.
  5. hahahaha good one! it is really a downgrade. especially coming from 7.5. I didn't know the beauty I had :') No idea how this passed their beta testing or of strong power-users like ourselves. Definitely should not have passed through, and if it did, could've/should've been a quick 7.6.1 update
  6. Thank you for reacting this way, hopefully this pushes Evernote to do something as it's been roughly 3 months now and it's the simplest thing possible. As many have stated too, it's so vital. It's the displaying of text in a note taking app.
  7. Holy cow I just updated from 7.5 and boy I wish I didn't! It looks so unclear on my secondary, non-retina display. and I can't downgrade. Yay! At the very least they should've left the databases backwards compatible... but conversely, what if I entirely delete the evernote storage, then run 7.6 (or 7.5) as a fresh/clean installation?
  8. Yes an Archive feature similar to Gmail's is exactly what I need! Ah, thank you very much! That should do the trick for now!
  9. Hello all, hope you are well. This idea is truly for Evernote as a whole, not particularly just for Mac, however I primarily use it on Mac so I have posted this here. It would be very useful to hide certain notes or entire notebooks from appearing in 'All Notes'. For example, I often write letters in Evernote, but once they are done, I do not wish to see them when I am browsing through unfinished projects as they are completed. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a good one!
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