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  1. correct, it works without quotes. Weird, I thought I tried without the quotes. Anyway, thanks for taking the time! This was helpful!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a long time legacy Evernote Win10 user and finally try to migrate to the newes Version. I just realized that my saved searches don't work anymore. It seems that the asterisk can't be used anymore. Is this correct? Does anyone have a solution / workaround for that? E.g. this search does not work anymore: Notebook:"_Projects" tag:"99*" I apreciate if you can let me know your thoughts. Thank you, Erol
  3. No icons/symbols to click for annotating a pdf. I don't like that! Feels like an improvement for the worse.
  4. Yes, it's funny and interesting. The nice thing about a tool like Evernote is, you can change your process/workflow if you want/need. E.g. you can switch from tags to notebooks and vice versa. It's not done within a minute and needs some manual work, but it's totally possible. This is really important to me.
  5. I guess that the first section of my answer is probably not what you want to hear but keep reading. My answer will also show you a little further how I use Evernote for GTD. I never had/have the situation where I put a next action into two "where-contexts". If it contains just a single action to get it done, its not a project. In this case it either has to be done in the Office, at a computer (in this case, it also can be done in the office, but not exclusively), on the phone, and so on... If there is just that single action where I, for instance, wait for an answer, that note excl
  6. Here are a few, but in my opinion, key reasons, why I use notebooks for the GTD lists (@Home, @Office, @Errand, ... Projects, Waiting, Someday/Maybe), instead of tags. I started using tags. Tags are more flexible. You can even assign notes to multible tags. Perfect. Right? Well, I soon realized, that it adds unnecessary steps and complexity to my GTD workflow: Once you moved your action (note) from your Inbox notebook into your other notebook where you keep all your actions, you have to assign a context tag. If you move it into your notebook e.g. "@Errands", the extra step of
  7. Hello all, just started using evernote and already hit a limitation? I hope not I'm in the situation where I need to find notes that simply contain the sequence of letters I enter in the search field. E.g. I enter "top" in the search, but notes that include the words like "Laptop" oor "abctopabc" don't get listed. I can't figure out how to enter that syntax. Thanks for your help! Erol
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