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  1. Please, do it! For sure will highlight some cool things we can do using both tools.
  2. It would be nice to hear from them, at least, an official statement. Maybe even a more explanatory tutorial with options, third party apps associated with the company. It would end up with all of those open questions regarding the subject.
  3. Is it the whole idea of having encrypted notes and notebooks on Evernote dead for good? Back in 2014, when the initial post was published, encryption was already important despite being only to a minor percentage of users. What can we say briefly about it today? Privacy is in the epicenter of tectonic moves in the technological world. Touching every aspect of our digital lives, from creating content to sharing it privately. Countless stories about leaks or accidental breaches are published every day. And we know that lots of other apps offer full encryption already, with similar services fo
  4. Hi, Noduslab! Thanks for sharing it here again. Since I didn't catch it the first time you posted, I'm looking forward to trying it out with some of the lengthy notes I have in my Evernote folders. That said, congratulations on building the tool, and keeping it open source. I haven't had time to explore properly yet, but after watching all the videos on your site, I plan to try it out in the coming days. I confess that I was full of ideas.
  5. Thanks for taking a time to answer me, @gazumped I hope it doesn't take too long to be implemented all those improvements.
  6. Reviewing all the features listed on the RN, I noticed that some of them are already available. Mea culpa. But I really hope the other ones get some attention and consideration. Both from users and the company.
  7. The version 6.6 Beta 2 of the Windows client received some nice features on the tables handling area. Here they are from the release notes: Improvement to tables You can now merge cells, to add more layers of organization to your tables! You can now copy multiple cells and paste into selected cells Some highlights: Quickly add rows and columns – via the plus button Easily select cells – by clicking-and-dragging, or by clicking the column/row headers Efficiently drag and drop rows & columns – by clicking on the row/column headers, and then dragging and
  8. Sadly, Evernote doesn't even open anymore in my rMBP pro with the 6.11 B3.
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