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  1. Why cant we just have beginner mode that experienced users can switch off. Over time the IOS experience has gone downhill in a big way. I cant even just see a list on notes now as my home page, oh but I can if I buy an upgrade for $7.99/month. I'm pretty much done with EN and all the downgraded "upgrades" that reduce functionality for long term users (2011). I'm again in my annual search for alternatives: looking at Nimbus at moment and Notion, or even possibly Airtable with a Jotform front end. Onenote has continued problems with zombie notes/notebooks that Microsoft deems unimpor
  2. Installed 6.12.3 two days ago on MacBook Mid 2010 6gb ram 500ssd. Syncing has been going on continually for nearly two days, even when set to manual. Syncing on Windows and iOS never took that long. Decided to revert back per luckman212 to 6.11.1 a few minutes ago. Will leave it running overnight and see what the morning brings.
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