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  1. +1 from Premium user here too. Agree with most of the above. The two reasons I find it unusable are: 1. Lag / fidelity is horrible. Just use the built-in Samsung Notes to see the difference. 2. Erasing is difficult. There's a button on the stylus that is used by the built-in app. Personally, I'd be fine with using a separate app IFF it integrates directly with Evernote. This means that if I click on the page in evernote it should launch the app to continue editing.
  2. Long time evernote user; just started using evernote on my android tablet and was looking forward to trying out the handwriting support. Here's my initial thoughts: 1. The input is really laggy. About one character after drawing, the lines appear. It's a little worse than One Note and significantly worse than the native Samsung app. 2. The S Pen has a button on the side. Other apps allow that to be used to erase. That saves a lot of time instead of having to switch back and forth between the eraser and pen.
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