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  1. You know what, thanks everyone but I just left my google account alone and used another one. Everything works perfectly now, so nevermind!
  2. I tried everything you recommended, but unfortunately unsuccessfully... What I really cannot get my mind around is why the web app works and the real app does not, both from the same Mac...Is there any workaround? Thanks! Unfortunately I have already read the topic, I guess it is just a general overview and it does not really get into details to address problems like mine...
  3. Hi folks! I am new to Evernote, but since everyone kept saying how incredibly amazing it was I decided I should give it a try. I can log in just fine with my Gmail account to the iOS app as well as to the web app from my desktop browser (Chrome on Mac OS Sierra). However, when I try to log in to the desktop app, I keep receiving this message. Does anybody know how to fix it? Thank you!
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