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  1. Hi. Many thanks for your answer. I am already in discussion with an Evernote Support for 2 months. The issue is still not solved and it is why I try here. Your idea of transfering notes from my personal account to the business one is a good idea, but not realistic for my purpose as many people are involved in the platform, which is used in a professional way.
  2. I have a Evernote Business account and I try to use it on my iPhone (iOS 10.1.2) with the last version of Evernote. All is working well unless the web clipper (used with Safari). The first time I used it, it was good. However, the second time, I cannot change the notebook anymore: when I click on the button in order to change the notebook, the Evernote Web Clipper extension breaks down. If I reinstall the app, it is the same: it works the first time only. I have also tried with another account (personal and not business) and it works without any trouble. The Business account has 23 notebooks and 460 notes and the clipping is working on other mobile devices like Android. What can I do ?
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