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  1. I recall getting crash messages about the Evernote HTML renderer failing, or something along those lines, so I'm likewise under the impression that Evernote uses HTML too. If so, it can be fixed with a few lines of CSS, like so: https://jsfiddle.net/pactqbzh/21/
  2. Anyone who has actually used superscripts or subscripts in Evernote probably knows that the line height changes when you use them. This is somewhat annoying, and I'm guessing not that difficult for Evernote to fix.
  3. Yes. I was thinking that adding the ability to scroll by dragging the scrollbar on the right side of the note would help a lot with this.
  4. When you write a lot of paragraphs with numbers everywhere, inevitably some of them will break on the units, and if you switch to a different device then it will just break on different numbers instead. It's not like I'm writing this because I encountered this one time as if it's a one time occurrence. It's all the time. It's also a complete mess if I want to write large numbers with spaces as separators (i.e. 1 000 000 000) which is the standard in technical writing to avoid confusion between people who use commas as decimal places and periods as separators and vice versa. I'm trying to get myself accustomed to this convention when I write technical documents, but it's difficult when I have to actively avoid doing it that way when taking notes. I realize it's an obscure feature though, and I don't really expect anything to be done about it, I'm just doing my due diligence to bring it up, let it not be said I didn't let the developers know about it.
  5. It would be nice if non-breaking spaces were supported. Currently if you type or copy one in, it's simply replaced with a normal space. Very annoying. As you can see in the video, Evernote breaks lines across both normal and non-breaking spaces. I then demonstrate via a website that my keyboard is functioning correctly and has the capability to type non-breaking spaces, and then demonstrate typing an nbsp on another website, verifying it is a non-breaking type, copying it to evernote and then copying it back, and it has transformed into a normal space. It's a bit annoying that such a basic standard behavior is not adhered to.
  6. Yeah... I don't think this behavior has always been the case, so it may be due to some semi-recent updates... Anyway there are numerous bugs showcased here; the first (and I'm guessing this is a "feature" not a bug) is the utterly bizarre decision to, when hitting the formatting buttons while typing, not only toggle the formatting effect on, but apply the effect to exactly one character before the cursor. Not sure in what situation that behavior would be useful, but...yeaaaah there it is... But that only happens sometimes. I guess only if you just typed the text. No longer happens once the cursor has been moved manually. Inconsistent behavior not confusing at all. Would recommend just removing this "format one character before the cursor only if you just typed it" behavior entirely. Secondly, all that above is irrelevant because the formatting disappears once I press space, so... yeah... bit of a bug there. Then, after the formatting has been removed for some reason, the formatting buttons no longer work for toggling effects on and off while typing inside that word; the formatting effects are not applied and the buttons deactivate themselves immediately. Of course, I can highlight the word and apply the effects after the word has been typed, which works. Until I type something before it and hit space, then the formatting is removed again. (the actual bug seems to be if a whitespace character, either space or newline, is inserted in the middle of a word with subscripts, the subscript effect is removed from both sides of the word. But typing more text at the front of the word and then adding a space between them is effectively the same thing).
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