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  1. I've used EN for about 9 years now but mostly for content management/storage. I stumbled onto TSW through a recent Medium post about it and decided I would try to tame my email Inbox with it. After about 8 hours of setting it up and cleaning up my EN content, I'm about to run my inbox through it. I'm using a combination of tags of folders. I didn't want to lose all the content that I have in EN so I nested all the content tags under a "Subjects" master tag. Then I nested all the EN content folders in a stack called "Folders." I like TSW's .Where, .When, .Who tags but the .What tags didn't seem to be specific enough for what I do. Instead, I changed "what" to "activity" and then added another tag family called "activity type." So upcoming negotiations gets an "activity type" of ".active projects" and a more specific "activity" tag of "negotiations." Then a .who, .where, etc. All of that seems more intuitive to me. Also, under ".When," I have another nested tag family for ".Due" that consists of "this week" and "next week." If a task has a .when of 1-Now or 2-Later, it gets .due of this week or next week and automatically gets a reminder for the due date. Any other .when tag gets only that tag and when it percolates up to 1 or 2, then a due date is assigned to it.
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